Сompany ALIOTH won tender on personalization of plastic cards for Kurgan region

At the beginning of September 2012 company ALIOTH, Ltd. won tender on personalization of 11 000 plastic cards work pieces for Universal electronic cards (UEC) for Kurgan region. This project realizes in the framework of currently adopted Federal law on UEC production and gradual introduction of them in Russian Federation. Originally they will be introduced as voluntary and then as obligatory identifier.

Universal electronic cards carry information about card holders and can be used as identification document, policy of obligatory medical insurance, insurance certificate policy of mandatory pension insurance, also they can provide transport and other services and carry out  bank operations. At the moment it is planned that in cards for Kurgan region will be realized identification and purchasing applications.

“The receiving of this tender is rather important step for the company ALIOTH, because it will take part in Russian national project “Universal electronic card” and demonstrate opportunities in production of UEC. We are ready to win the further tenders  in this and other regions of Russian Federation,” – Alexey Kryukovsky, Нead of direction for work with partners at ALIOTH Company, said.


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